Rental Policy & Household Rules

  1. In order to confirm a booking at Sea Palms customers must affirm their agreement with the policy detailed below and provide payment of a NON-REFUNDABLE* deposit of 1 night’s stay.
  2. All deposits are non-refundable*, and non-transferable. There are some circumstances where a deposit may be transferable; this however can only be determined by speaking to the SP manager. All balances must be paid 1 week prior to arrival.
  3. Bookings made less than 1 week prior to arrival at the property must be paid in full and monies paid in this case are nonrefundable*.  
  4. Sea Palms reserves the right to assign a different unit of the same type and occupancy as the confirmed unit if the need arises.  
  5. Accommodation is based on 2 people per bedroom in all units. One child under 8 years old can occupy a room with 2 adults (children over 8 years old are considered adults for occupancy purposes). (Failure to comply with this rule will result in additional charges based on the unauthorized numbers of persons OR, immediate termination of the rental contract with no refund.)
  6. We do not provide extra beds however, there may be sofa beds /daybeds in some unit.
  7. The housekeepers are employed to serve guests according to the maximum occupancy of the designated unit only. I.e. the one bedroom- housekeeper is employed to serve 2 persons maximum and the housekeeper in a 3-bedroom unit is employed to serve 6 persons maximum. Housekeepers are required to report discrepancies to Sea Palms management.
  8. The housekeepers` hours are from 8 am to 4 pm unless varied by mutual agreement.  
  9. Check in time is 2pm, and check out time is 12am (unless told otherwise by the rental office). For units that allow 1 night bookings, check in is 1pm and check out is 1pm. (Non adherence to these times will result in a charge for an additional night.)
  10. Sea Palms strictly enforces occupancy levels, check in and check out times.
  11. Please use the safe or a locked drawer provided in the unit to store all valuables as the property will not be liable for any lost items.
  12. No illegal drugs are allowed on the property and smoking is not permitted in public areas.
  13. No smoking is allowed in the units unless allowed by a particular unit.  
  14. No soliciting is allowed on the property.
  15. No animals are allowed on the property. 
  16. All items in the units are the personal property of the owners and must not be removed. Guest are liable and must pay for any damages or the loss of items in the unit during their occupancy.
  17. The pool and beach are exclusively for the use of owners, guests and their invitees and consideration of each is expected.
  18. Pool side and house furniture (chairs, tables, cushions) are not allowed in the pool and cannot be taken to the beach..
  19. Use of Pool and Beach:
  20. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted to swim in the pool or sea without an adult.  
  21. As there is no lifeguard on duty at the pool or beach, all guests swim at their own risk.
  22. The life -saving devices at the pool (life ring) are to be used only in cases of emergency and not as pool toys.
  23. Unsupervised children are not allowed in the pool or sea without an adult.
  24. The pool and beach are closed between 10pm and 6am.
  25. Guests must wear proper attire when using the pool. Proper attire includes a swimsuit for women and bathing trunks for men.  Wearing jeans, t-shirts, shoes, plastic shower caps (excluding bathing caps designed for use in a pool) brassieres , panties, boxer shorts and briefs as substitutes for swimming costumes is forbidden.  
  26. Adult and infant nudity is not allowed in public areas on the properties, and this includes the swimming pool and beach.
  27. Gratuities are not included in the cost of the rental.  If you feel so moved, please tip your housekeeper directly.
  28. Please lock or secure your apartment at night or when no-one is in the unit.  
  29. Beware that special functions on property such as reunions, weddings, parties, etc, requires approval from Sea Palms management and will attract additional charges.
  30. Please note that the owners and management of Sea Palms, do not provide any water sports equipment and/or facilities for the use of our guests and/or visitors. We are, therefore, not responsible and will not be liable for any accidents and/or losses sustained by the use of any water sports equipment or facility, on the beach, while staying at, or visiting the property.  The use of such equipment is at your own risk.
  31. Please note that all guests and visitors swim in the sea and pool at their own risk and the owners and management of Sea Palms will not be liable for any accidents, injuries, damage, loss of life and other injurious results which might occur while using any of the facilities.
  32. The owners and management of Sea Palms will not be liable for any accidents, injuries etc while occupying the apartments or using the grounds and facilities thereof unless the same is caused by negligence of the owners, managers or staff connected to or employed to the property.
  33. Please note that all Court claims must be filed in Jamaican Courts and are governed by Jamaican law.


  1. All deposits are non-refundable*. 
  2. If notice of cancellation is given up to 30 days prior to arrival, and the booking has been paid in full, and management is able to book the unit to another party then 40% of the balance (which excludes the non-refundable deposit) may be refunded.  
  3. In the event of a natural disaster, payment will be held by Sea Palms and applied toward a future booking at a mutually agreed date between the guests and Sea Palm management.

Please indicate confirm your acceptance of the rules above by checking the box below and signing this document electronically.


Each unit has an iron and an ironing board which you can use at no extra cost, however, should you wish for the housekeeper to do the laundry for you, including ironing, each apartment will advise the  extra cost.  All washing and drying must be done by the housekeeper at the extra cost advised by the unit.  

Please note that laundry services are done at the risk of the guest and neither the property nor the housekeeper will be responsible for any damage done to clothing while the laundry services (ironing, washing or drying) are being carried out.  

 *** Note the protocols attached with regard to Covid-19. Please sign to acknowledge that you have read them.***

 ***Additionally please note and sign the Limitation of Liability and Indemnity in relation to Covid-19 attached hereto.***


 In preparation for your visit to the property, please note the following and sign below, acknowledging that you have seen the new protocols, as per the protocols put in place by the Jamaica Tourist Board in conjunction with the Ministry of Health:

  1. The unit will be fully cleaned and sanitized and disinfected before your arrival. All touch areas – counters, remotes, light switches etc. have been properly sanitized before your arrival and will continue to be sanitized during your stay.
  2. Your temperature needs to be taken on your arrival or at least early the next morning, if the housekeeper is not present when you arrive. A non-contact, infrared thermometer will be provided in the unit for this purpose. Anyone with a fever then or at any time during your stay will have to be self isolated in one of the rooms in your unit until arrangements can be made for you to leave the property. Please self monitor for symptoms while on the property, symptoms such as body pains, coughing, sore throat, runny nose, and of course, fever.
  3. Housekeepers will be wearing masks. We suggest that you do the same, especially in public areas, as per the protocols put in place by the Government of Jamaica. Housekeepers will also wear gloves when working in the unit.
  4. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be available for your use in the unit. Please use them regularly, as well as wash your hands with soap or anti bacterial hand wash regularly throughout your stay.
  5. We recommend that you remove your shoes prior to entering the unit. You should spray them with alcohol or disinfectant before bringing them into the unit.
  6. You are not allowed to have outside visitors during your stay.
  7. Housekeepers will work from 8am to 4pm (to a maximum of one hour later) 
  8. Check in during this Covid-19 period is 3pm and check out is 11am and these times have to be strictly enforced to allow for proper sanitizing of the unit before you arrive and after you leave.
  9. Please practice social distancing from the housekeeper within the unit and on the property and on the beach.

 I have read and understood the protocols as set out above and will abide by them during my stay on the property.

Limitation Of Liability & Indemnity Re: Covid-19

  1. The property shall not be liable for any injury, infection or damage which may be sustained by me or any other person, invitee or visitor, brought on the property by me, caused by or as a result of any illness, injury or injurious results, suffered by me or anyone occupying the property at my invitation, as a consequence of the effects of Covid19, occurring during my and/or my guests’ occupation of the property.
  2. I hereby acknowledge that I was fully informed of all possible risks, protocols and all sanitization and precautionary measures, which are to be observed during my/our occupation of the said property, and agree that the said information and advice was sufficient and satisfactory, and that the property is hereby released from any liability caused from the effects suffered by me or my guests as a result of Covid-19.
  3. I hereby indemnify the owner of the property, its employees, servants and/or agents from and against any and all actions, damages, liability and expenses, in connection with any loss, damage, injury or loss of life of whatsoever nature, and howsoever caused to me or any occupant or third party brought on the aforesaid property by me, resulting from or claimed to have been caused by or to have resulted from, wholly or in part, any alleged act or omission, on the part of the owner, its servant, employees and/or agents, in relation to the alleged existence/contraction or development of symptoms related to Covid-19 during my/our occupation of the said property, whether tested positive or otherwise.
  4. I hereby, further agree that I or any occupant of the property brought on by me, will not bring or pursue any claim for any damage, loss or injurious results caused to me or anyone occupying the premises on my invitation by virtue of the said Covid-19.  And I further agree to indemnify the owner against any and all such claims.