Scotchies Jerk is one of Jamaica’s favorite jerk centers. At the moment Scotchies is located in Montego Bay,Ocho Rios and Kingston. Known for its authentic Jamaican jerk dishes Scotchies is steadily becoming the best place to be indulged.
The casual setting at Scotchies is part of the brand. In fact what other way  better to enjoy the tasty jerk dishes than under thatched roofs just as the originators of this type of cooking did centuries ago (Arawak Indians).  The simple yet classy ambiance of Scotchies adds immensely to the complete dining experience.
Scotchies has decided to go the extra mile in terms of offering meal complements. Mouth water roast breadfruit and yam go well with the Jerk dishes. Jamaica’s favorite bammy is another dish complement that scores big at scotchies. The smoky aroma which permeates the atmosphere is only a precursor of what is to come.  The carefully selected blend of herbs and spices will have your taste buds satisfied.
The secret is now out Scotchies authentic jerk is no messing about.  Whether you are from in town, out of town or first time around,  scotchies jerk centers are centrally located for your convenience. Taking Jamaican jerk to higher ground scotchies Jerk restaurant is renowned.